SINCE 1973 340Ar 

Experience and talent. Chianucci Maurizio synonymous with Guarantee.  

Gold Division

The chains in Gold and Silver
keep the charm of one
timeless preciousness.

Fairs and Events

Chianucci Maurizio participates every year in the main Gold and Silver fairs in the national territory.


Since 1973 Chianucci Maurizio operates in the production and sale of empty chains, bracelets, earrings and rings.


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Chianucci from 1973 to the 21st century

From Goldsmith Manufacturing Company to innovation, modernization, optimization, the three values ​​that Chianucci intends to represent.


1970s The mechanical workshop

1970s The mechanical workshop
 Far-sighted and eager for improvement, Chianucci decides to extend its production capacity to the chain, creating its own line.